Think Security..Think Bobby Guards!
Think Security..Think Bobby Guards!
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Our company targets both medium and large firms and institutions; a market that continues to be vulnerable to security risks round the clock (24 H x7). This market includes institutions, large firms, factories, shops, malls, banks, hotels, office buildings, residential areas, body guard services as well as the provision of security services at various functions.
So that we are responsive to the market needs with the most suitable and attractive security services, our company carries out a comprehensive site survey of the customer’s premises  to analyze potential risks to the facility and come up with risk preventive security measures.
Once we are done with the site survey and upon a review of the survey report with our prospective customer, we come up with the most appropriate security services quotation as a tailored response to his/her premises security requirements.

Some of our happy clients include;


 Jacaranda Gardens Estate


 Kenya Institute of Mass Communication


 County Assembly of Machakos

 Machakos University


 Mulleys Supermarkets



 Commodore Office Suites


 Grash Gardens - Karen