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About Us

Vide-muwa publishers Ltd is a vibrant company dedicated to churning out quality publications for all levels of learning right from early childhood to tertiary level. The company is steered in its mission and vision by its motto; an eye for quality publications.

Since its inception in 2005, Vide-muwa publishers Ltd has promoted readership by availing innovatively exciting publications as well as providing a strong forum for both established and budding authors.

Publications for across all levels of education have gained approval by the Kenya institute of curriculum development (KICD) and are in the orange book.

Some of the company’s books have won the highly coveted Jomo Kenyatta Prize for Literature. These are Musaleo (2005), Msimu wavipepeo (2007) and Unaitwa Nani? (2009)

Our vision; To develop into an efficient, reliable and exemplary publisher in the region.

Our mission; To provide quality products and service, and nurture talent.

Our core values

•    Quality
•    Value
•    Service

Our objectives

•    To publish and distribute quality publications.
•    To identify and nurture East African and African authors.
•    To develop and develop learning materials relevant to the African context.
•    To partner with  like-minded publishers in a bid to fulfill our mission.

Contact us

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    Address : Vision Plaza 3rd Floor, Mombasa road, Nairobi-Kenya.
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    Telephone : +254 20 2619565
    Mobile : +254 720 059511