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We are committed to opening up doors for upcoming authors who pen works that have their place in the market.

We bring onboard established authors to mentor those that are upcoming through publications and exchange programs organized by the company.

To get published one submits their typed scripts to the editorial department where they are read to establish their suitability.

This normally takes a maximum of one and a half months. The author is given the report of the evaluation of their work.

If the work merits, then it is prepared for press. If it does not the author is meant aware through the evaluation report which.

gives detailed information about the highs and lows of the work.
Editorial reports on author work are confidential and are only revealed to the author and kept for records in the department.

We do not give special attention to individuals in our evaluation of author works. All authors are equally important to us.

All who wish to publish with us are welcome.

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    Address : Vision Plaza 3rd Floor, Mombasa road, Nairobi-Kenya.
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    Telephone : +254 20 2619565
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